Linux on Laptops

Last 15 years i collected a lot of experience with Linux on Laptops. First i began with a Acer Notelite, which i used nearly 6 years.
The following devices will be described here: As a very good help in detecting defect hardware, you can use this:

Laptop installation of Linux is mostly not as easy as on standard pc-hardware, so from my experience the best you can do is:
This prevents you from most problems coming up while installing.

If you are going to buy a new laptop so please check all infos before you buy a new device. From my point i'll never buy a new device any more, they are mostly overpriced.
A 1 year old laptop from ebay will cost less than half than a new one and provides enough power for most people.

As an additional and very good ressource i found Linux-Laptop.Net.
They provide a very good source for laptop-issues and a large list of installationdescriptions.

For more info on mobile devices and Linux take a look at TuxMobil

last updated: Dec 28 2005 11:30 am