Fedora Core 4 on Dell Inspiron 5000e

The Dell Inspiron 5000e was sold in 2001 by Dell Computers. It was a desktop replacement with a very nice 1600x1200 display.


CPUIntel Pentium III 850 MHz
Memory256 MB (2x128)
VideoATI Rage Mobility M3 16 MB RAM 2xAGP
Display15 Inch UXGA 1600x1200
Harddisk20GB 4200 rpm Ultra-DMA 33
SoundESS Technology ES1978 Maestro 2E
CommunicationXircom Cardbus Ethernet 10/100 incl. modem
Floppy3,5 Inch Floppy built in
USB1x USB 1.1

Fedora Core 4 installation went smoothly, but detecting the display does not work well. So the xorg.conf has to be edited manually.




The graphics-chip and the display where both not detected correctly, i choosed the nativ display resolution of 1600x1200 by editiing the xorg.conf manually. The two lines defining horizontal sync and vertical refresh rate had to be changed.
The builtin Mousepad works with the "synaptics" driver and has two buttons, also i added a USB mouse with wheel.

My xorg.conf looks can be found here


Sound works well with ALSA, the internal speakers are okay for daily use.


First i was a little bit unsure if the Xircom modem/LAN card will work correctly. The installer detected the card correctly, and i was able to setup the card via dhcp.
The Modem

I haven't tried it yet, because i use a DSL internet connection.

Fileshell command
CPU Infocat /proc/meminfo
dmesg outputdmesg
PCI Infolspci -v -v
Xorg Configuration/etc/X11/xorg.conf
Partition Informationfdisk -l /dev/hda
module configurationcat /etc/modprobe.conf
loaded modulesloaded modules
installed software packagesrpm -qa output
battery informationfrom /proc/acpi

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