Fedora Core 1 on Acer Extensa 710

A real nice work machine for office and internet. Fine keyboard and clear display will make
it comfortable to use. A new battery will be fine ;)


CPUIntel Pentium II 233 MHz
Memory256 MB (2x128)
VideoNeomagic 128XD (NM2160) 2 MB RAM
Harddisk20GB 4200 rpm Hitachi Ultra-DMA 33
Display14,1 Inch, 1024x768
SoundESS Technology ES1968 Maestro 2
CommunicationRealTek8139 10/100MBit LAN, PCMCIA
Floppy3,5 Inch Floppy built in
IrDAFast IrDA 4MBit

Installation was easy, hardware was detected correctly. I can say it works out of the Box.




The graphics-chip and the display where both detected correctly, i choosed the nativ display resolution of 1024x768 as default.
The builtin Mousepad works as a 2 button PS2 mouse, also i added a USB mouse with wheel.


I setup a RealTek NIC with 8139 chipset 32-cardbus style.
The card worked well, but (because of it was a PCMCIA) the installer did not enter an entry in the modprobe.conf file,
this causes the the wrong driver (8139cp) was tried to load, after the first reboot, so the card does not work.
It took a minute to understand what was going on, because at installtime the NIC was correctly detected.
I found the problem in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules.pcimap.
The driver wrongly loaded (8139cp) has an entry with the same pci-device-id than a line for the correct 8139too.
I added a static entry to the modules.conf, because i used this card everytime in this notebook
"alias eth0 8139too" and since this time the card works well.

The notebook has been upgraded from 64MB to 256MB of RAM. This improves extremly the speed.
The battery seem to be nearly dead. It lasts 40 minutes. Standard-apm settings works fine for me.
I enjoid this laptop for a long time and it was realy good to use.

The following files are available for info:

Fileshell command
Memory Infocat /proc/meminfo
PCI Infolspci -v -v

Last updated: 17/01/2005 09:48 pm.

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