RedHat on a Acer NoteLite 270PC

My first notebook at all. I used for 4 years and was very pleased about the hardware, strongly build, akku runs around 100 minutes. mp3, X11, works well. A workbook ;)


CPUIntel Pentium 150 MHz MMX
Memory32 MB
VideoCyrus Logic 63550 Chip 1MB
Harddisk2 GB IDE
Display12.1 Inch, 800x600
SoundYamaha OPL3
CommunicationPCMCIA 3Com Etherlink 16 Bit
Floppy3,5 Inch Floppy built in

First i installed Suse 5.x i can't remember, had to compile alsa for sound. After that i used it with Redhat 6.2, Suse 6.3, SuSE 7.0, RedHat 7.2 and all works well. Installation out of the box, Xfree 3.36 was used.


My first real good notebook on linux, battery takes 2 hours, a MMX CPU with 150 MHZ, 2GB harddrive was okay for installation, for normal work on shell or gnome terminal sessions. I installed X11 with fluxbox as windowmanager, it performs okay, most applications where console based in xterm. I got it end of 1997, a used one, with Windows 95 installed. I decided to install linux. SuSE installation and RedHat worked well. I sold it for nice price in 2001 to a friend, when i got the gericom. I better not give it away ;).

Configuring X11 requires a little bit strange modeline for running a resolution of 800x600. This because the video adapter has not really 1MB memory, it is only 896kb. To get 800x600 with 16bit color working a modeline with 800x590 is required, otherwise the memory will exceed.

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